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Okay, looks like we've got a few members now so I figured I'd get the ball rolling...
First off, here's some fanart I've done of them: mostly icons, with 2 banners of RobertCollapse )

I also come bearing links to some lovely Cordano clips and fanvids:
This user on YouTube has uploaded tons of great Cordano clips.
My friend Mary has uploaded tons of great Paul McCrane clips and a couple of Cordano ones, as well as a few fanvids.
Actually, you might as well just check out my favorites over there because I have a number of Cordano/Romano clips and vids favorited.

In addition to the YouTube vids, this site has a bunch of really well made fanvids, mostly of Cordano and/or Romano.

Oh, and we should have a lovely new header image soon, courtesy of the talented Hannah (bellona_ixora)
Utena >> Juri


Hey all, welcome to Snarky Surgeon Love! I'm currently working on some technical issues (and trying to get a nice image for the header), but the comm will be up and running soon!